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Selling A Home In Indianapolis?

New to selling a house? Want to learn how to sell a home fast? You are in good company. First thing's first: there is quite a bit to do, but don't be overwhelmed. You will want to start by getting your home listed in places where  buyers will find it. You will want to plan out the logistics. How much would you like for your home? Will you hire a Realtor? I am here to help, so please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


Once you have thought about the logistics of selling your home, you will want to make your home more appealing to customers. Scroll down to read some great tips on how to make your home as enticing as possible.

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How to sell a home - 7 Tips

  • 1. Tidy Up

    Clean up the yard and clear away the clutter. You want customers to be able to envision your home as theirs.

  • 2. Do some minor repairs

    That gouge in the drywall is an easy fix with some paint and spackle. Run some furniture stain over that scrape on the wood floor. All of these minor fixes add up to a much cleaner picture.

  • 3. Smell sells... or not!

    Take the time to freshen up your home. Get a few plug-in air fresheners and pop some cookies in the oven. People want to be in a place that already smells like home.

  • 4. Serve a few snacks.

    Your visitors have probably seen house after house after house. Giving them something to eat will refresh them, making them feel like your home is a place they can recuperate.

  • 5. Take down personal items.

    Take down family pictures and polarizing decorations. Again, you want buyers to picture their photos on the counter and their unique decorations in your home.

  • 6. Rent some storage space.

    If you are selling, you should be ready to move, anyway, right? De-clutter by putting away extra furniture to increase your space. Buyers will love how open your home feels.

  • 7. Let in some light.

    Open the curtains and blinds. Natural light makes a home feel fresh and open. If you are showing your home in the evening, turn on some lamps and light a fire.

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What else can I help you find? You may want to download a few of the resources below to help you get started in the right direction. You can also simply contact me. I will be happy to answer any questions that you might have.

Click here to get Jennifer's FREE notes:


Click here to get Jennifer's FREE notes:


Click here to get Jennifer's FREE notes:


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